Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wiggleworm Baby

Do you have a wiggly baby?  Our little man has become more and more difficult to change the older he gets. Today I was changing his diaper and he almost completely flipped over on me when I raised his legs to wipe! I decided that I would quit fighting him and secure his changing pad!  My changing pad came with the security belt....can't say I ever use it...ok-I admit-I cut it off :)  I never walk away from him and if he was just secured to the pad what good does that do? It didn't come with any way to secure the pad to the dresser.   Now we bought him a beautiful new bedroom set and I was really skeptical about making any marks to the top of his brand new dresser.

 I had bought sticky Velcro and of  course it never really sticks to what you want it to.  It came apart within minutes and I knew that wasn't going to work.  So I attached two straps to the backside of the changing pad with my sewing machine.

 I used a leftover scrap of pleather...since I knew that stuff is strong! I then attached the straps to the backside of the dresser with two short screws.  Yes I had to make holes but I didn't mind since they were on the backside no one will see.

 It is SO much more secure now!! He can wiggle away and he won't get anywhere! The cover still fits on it since I put the straps towards the inside of the changing pad leaving plenty of room for the cover to attach to the corners of the pad.   Hope this helps some of my new mom friends out there :)

 Also I stole an idea from my cousin's nursery...I had an extra scrap of fabric, and instead of looking at the stark white mobile I covered it with matching fabric to the curtains! Looks so custom :)

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  1. Safety for those wiggleworms! Such a great idea and excellent how-to. Plus I love the custom fabric piece on the mobile!