Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skating through life

My mom had told me one day "if you ever see a pair of skates while your out and about, BUY THEM!" She had seen a skate decorated for the season and really wanted to make one for herself. Well I was at a thrift store one day and saw this brand new pair of skates for $7! I was so excited. I brought them home and decorated one for me and one for mom. I just used branches, pine needles and some berries. Mom had bought some jingle bells on a stick that we had to pry out of little man's hands but once we did they give a great jingle to my boot. Right now I have it hanging on a door knob but it will become a front door decoration once we move. I know its a little late for Christmas decorations but when you don't get around to a project until Christmas day that's what happens :)

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Distressing!!

I was driving down the road the other day and saw a pile of junk by the side of the road. There was a free sign by it.  JACKPOT!! I turned that car around so fast it would have made your head spin! :) I found a little wooden shelf in need of some help. But hey, it was FREE!!

I brought it home and began painting. The poor thing had been badly spray painted a goldish metallic horror.  It was quite wobbly.  I didn't imagine that just a coat of paint would fix that so I actually took it all apart, painted it, and put it back together with wood glue and screws.  I painted it the same color as our trim, kinda creamy color. Then I did my first ever distressing job.  That is really fun!! There is nothing like getting something all painted and taking a big ole piece of sandpaper to it!  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! I was actually planning on selling it until I dressed it up for the picture and fell in love with the idea of having all my cookbooks on it! I have always had them on the counter in a basket but this is so much tidier!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shiny Helpful Hint

I have really come around to loving a clean home! When I was younger, I remember my mother trying to get me to pick up my room. She would ask "don't you feel better when your room is clean?" I would always answer "no!"  I was never a slob, but I was a typical teenager.  As I have grown older, I have begun to see the mess that before was hidden from my eyes.  It seems that once it is your own house you see the mess. When its someone else's house, you can walk by a mess and never see it. Now, I would never ever claim that I have a tidy house at all times.  I find many days that I have the house completely spotless and one act, like cooking dinner, can completely undo a whole days work. My husband also has so many items that he brings home with him that land on the kitchen table every night like his hat, name tag, and keys.  As you know, once items find a place to land they begin to multiply.  More and more items seem to be drawn to that spot and before you know it the whole house is in shambles again. My new philosophy: have one- three rooms that you can keep up with and forget the rest!

About two years ago we remodeled our bathroom. This is one of my "clean rooms".  Thank goodness (your thinking).

Yes I know you are loving the olive green counter top and the terrible green paint on the walls....
You may be wondering "why would you ruin such a masterpiece by remodeling???" haha this bathroom made you want to cry every time you walked into it!
 Ahhh can you hear the angels singing? The best news was that we did this whole remodel with about $ $800 I have ever spent.

I was always cleaning that room because I wanted it to stay new FOREVER! I love that "new bathroom smell" :)  After only about three weeks, I noticed the brand new faucet was showing water spots.  It is a brushed nickel faucet that we splurged a little on.  I wanted it to look brand new still!! I tried Windex...didn't touch the spots. I tried cleaner....didn't help at all. It would always look great when it was wet and when it dried it would be spotty. I hate spots!! I finally found the spot cure...Baby Oil! You just get a paper towel or rag, douse it in oil, and wipe it down. You would think it would leave the surface oily but it doesn't! 

So for all of you out there with Christmas guests on their way, you don't have to fear any longer! They won't have to see your spotty faucet, and Christmas will be saved :)