Thursday, April 28, 2011

Living Room Evolution

You know you are a designer when you have only lived in a home for 5 years and have changed your living room 228 times in that five years :)  Our living room has changed many times with the same furniture but now we finally got NEW furniture!! Its so wonderful!  It was time...the old stuff was falling apart! Here is a look at how the living room looked when we moved in

Notice the trim in the corner where we had replaced the windows in the house and didnt get around to replacing the trim for another year or two.  Thats just how housing projects go it seems :) I used to make new pillows for every season and change the picture over the couch as well.  Don't have time for that anymore!

Here is a picture of the living room for Fourth of July :)  I went to my Aunts house and she supplied me with all these crafty items she made for the fourth...for free! So I came home and decked the house out.  Boy I am not missing that 300 lb TV from these pictures.  It was so bulky! I didn't want to buy a flat screen at the time but you have so many more options with one!

Now here is the picture we took for the relator.  I went through and cleaned out a TON of my crap.  I love my stuff but sometimes it just needs to go!

Now for the grand finale!! Here is our new furniture complete with a toy chest ottoman that is already almost packed full! I love this couch because it is comfy, you can clean it, and I don't worry too much about it getting ruined. I will probably redo the living room again when I dont have a child under the age of 10 and get something that tickles my design bone a little more but this works for our life now.  Right now all we have to be concerned with is what works for the little man in the house!

 You can see our new recessed lighting in this pic...I LOVE IT! Should have done that 5 years ago! And when life gives you a piano, it is the perfect height for a tv! :)  This is my Granparents piano that has been handed down to me. It is one of those pieces of furniture that you have to hold onto for life, even if your living room is the size of a shoebox :)  Ethan loves it when I play for him!

 Here is a floral arrangement I made with flowers partially from the dollar store, and some from Martins 40% off!! I already had the chest which has been the dogs toy chest for years but decided it was time for it to serve a worthy purpose in the home.
Hope you had a good time in our living room! Sure is fun to look back and see how things change...hopefully for the better. Has your living room changed?

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