Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its already beginning to look alot like Christmas!

I wanted to begin a blog just to share thoughts about life and ideas for the home that I come across with family and friends.  I am hoping that you find inspiration and maybe a smile or two from our experiences in the Gage home.  We brought little Ethan Wayne home in August and life has taken a very busy but wonderful turn.  I want him to have the most wonderful childhood that I can possibly give him.  He has already made our lives so full of meaning, and I want him to always know that he was number 1 on my priority list. For the last two months, I have only been away from him for all of maybe 3 hours.  During those hours, all I did was think about my little man.  I had left him with Daddy so I could go to a Dr appointment.  I saw all the women with their babies that never seemed to be around before I had my own child.  I am amazed at how many kids I see now!  I look at two year olds and wonder "is Ethan going to be that much of a handful?!"  He already is proving to be somewhat of a handful.  He is the most well tempered baby if you are holding him.  The minute I set him down he seems to know that Mommy isn't as close as he needs me to be :)  So usually I hold the little guy most of the day and the minute Daddy gets home he gives my shoulders and back a much needed break.  That is when I try and have a little creative time just for me....along with getting the house picked up and doing the laundry that looms (least favorite chore).

This week I have really been getting into the holiday mood.  I have been looking through cookbooks and planning new treats that I want to spoil my little family with.  Whenever we get out, I love to look down all the holiday isles that are bursting with  beautiful treasures.  We were a lowes and I found these beautiful spiral topiaries that I could just imagine on either side of our front door.  I flipped over the price tag and about flipped over myself!  $118 each!!!  Even if we were super rich, I cant imagine spending that kind of dough on a holiday decoration!!  I decided to make my own the shopping began.  I price compared everywhere and found the best garland at lowes for $10 each.  Then holiday ornaments at the dollar store amounted to $16.  The base is a flower pot I found on clearance for $5 each at Walmart and spray painted them for about $4. The stick in the middle required a family outing to Me Maw and Paw Pa's woods and Daddy even climbed up a dead cedar tree for just the right stick :) He is such a good husband.  I had the Christmas lights already so the total project cost about $55 for two topiaries...I can stand $27 a piece...much better!!!


  1. Those topiaries are wonderful - and SO much more affordable!

  2. Not only are these pieces just as beautiful as the first ones you had spotted, but these have a far greater story! Love them!