Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laughs and giggles

There is just something special about a baby smile that immediately melts your heart.  There have been many times that I have been rushing along at the grocery store and look down to see my baby just grinning from ear to ear!! I immediately go into that high pitched baby talk and try to make him squirm with laughs.  He hasn't laughed out loud yet, but I am so looking forward to that day!!  I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing him smile at me. There is also a certain joy of seeing how happy it makes other people when he smiles.  I was in the grocery store and just talking away to Ethan like we do at home, when a lady passed by. I could feel that she had turned around to look at the baby in the carseat, and when she saw his big smile she started to laugh herself.  What an effect!! To be able to make others happy with a simple expression is quite a gift. Family members love making Ethan smile, and you almost feel a sense of accomplishment when you get him to.  I love to watch family members making the funniest faces at him trying to get that one little grin.  What is it about a baby that makes you not care what you look like for that moment?  I hear myself talking to him whenever we are out in public and think...wonder if this looks funny?  But I really dont care.  He is my world, and he likes to hear me talk to him so why would I care what that stranger thinks?

Since I have been home with him I have found that my stress level has decreased dramatically!  Of course, there is some stress when he is having a crying time that I can't seem to fix immediately, but overall I feel like a much more sane person.  I find myself being able to laugh so much easier these days! I will read a funny article and just laugh out loud!  Before I was always guarded with my emotions and would only let out a proper chuckle, but now I just feel free to let loose a good laugh!  I think baby smiles are the answer to lifes problems.  Wouldnt it be a better world if we all could innocently smile? I think of little Ethan and how he thinks this world is so funny.  I wish we all could look at the world through an infants eyes :)

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