Sunday, November 7, 2010

Curtains anyone????

Since I have graduated with my Bachelors degree in interior design, I have been itching to design!  It truly is what I love to do. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my son and have some time to create things for our own home.  But as I was searching for things to decorate my nursery with, I discovered that there aren't very many styles of curtains out there for the little folk! I ended up making curtains for my sons room and was very happy with how they turned out.  I got to thinking....maybe everyone else out there is also frustrated with the curtain market?  So I made a few things, and we will see how much interest it generates.  I would be glad to meet with you and create your own perfect curtain design for your child's room...or whatever room you would like help with.  Sometimes you can't buy the perfect look, you must create it!

I understand now why little girls clothes and decorations are more abundant...they are just so much fun to make! First I made a balloon shade of hot pink fabric and a sweet rose print fabric for the ties.  You can adjust this shade to whatever length you prefer.  This is a light filtering shade meaning that it will not completely block out light like a blind would.  The dimensions are 28-42" wide.  You can adjust the width by either gathering it at the top or leaving it flat.  The length is also adjustable by tying the bows either higher or lower.  The longest length you could get would be about 48" still giving it a gather at the bottom. The balloon shade goes for $30.

The next design could be for a baby's room or it could also go for the teenage girl.  I made these panels with a bright color block pattern at the bottom.  The stripes are pink/orange/lime green.  The pair of panels go for $40.  If you are interested, I could repeat the stripes in a valance to accent the panels.  The dimensions are 43" x 84" each panel.

I am selling on Craigslist for now and plan to get an Etsy account as well!  If you are interested in one of these items, or in creating your own personal design just let me know!!

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  1. You are amazing! Love these - that balloon shade is so girlie! Can't wait to see your Etsy shop.